Empowering growth and independence for boutique,
lift out and overseas asset managers.

F/m provides portfolio managers with institutional-grade investment systems, business operations and marketing support. We enable talented managers to focus on what they do best: managing investments and delivering performance.

About Us

The long and diverse experience of the F/m Acceleration team, coupled with the financial strength of the firm’s backers, make F/m Acceleration a compelling resource for asset managers and investors. We believe that active portfolio management by specialized boutiques can produce the long-term results that are vital for investors to reach their goals and mitigate risk.

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Our Mission

F/m Acceleration

The inspiration for our company name and mission is Sir Isaac Newton’s timeless second law of motion: Force / mass = Acceleration. For our clients and partners, we seek to be the force that accelerates their growth. Newton was among the greatest figures of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, and his insights on the nature of the universe lay the foundation for modern physics, mathematics, optics, and astronomy.

Sir Isaac Newton’s second law of motion inspired F/m’s name: Force / mass = Acceleration